Tip #3: Focus on the median, not the average

photo of me repping UMich gear abroad (and yes, I am wearing shorts guys).

Wine-Tasting Pythonistas Rejoice!

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5 simple tricks that got me into 12 data science masters programs

Taken in Beijing, PRC, circa 2018 (AKA before covid); I’m the blonde in front!

How grocery stores are becoming more effective at marketing through data science

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This technical interview question will stump you no more.

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Gif from GIPHY

Inspiration ≤≥ Perspiration 💦

And why the world is better than you think

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5 tips from the book that changed the way I approached data science and inspired my journey as a Medium writer.

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Craft gorgeous gradients with ggplot2, rgdal, and maptools

And when they just might be your superman [R Code Included]

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1) Get API 2) Install Libraries 3) Graph

Step 1: Access the American Community Survey (“acs”) API

Amanda West

Grad Student in Data Science at UVA. Putting the elation in relational database management. I draw pretty graphs. 🌈 https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-west123/

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