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If you are in tech, you know what Stack Overflow is. More than likely, you might have a love-hate relationship with the service — while incredibly useful, users can be quite confrontational about a post they don’t deem “worthy”, asks a previously answered question or simply uses the word thanks

Taken in Beijing, PRC, circa 2018 (AKA before covid); I’m the blonde in front!

Grad school SOPs: They can feel like such a beast.

I wasn’t a perfect student when I was applying to M.S. in Data Science programs; in fact, I was far from it. I had never touched Python, never ran a machine learning algorithm, and hadn’t had a sexy internship at…

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Association analysis is a hot topic in data science right now. By discovering relationships between items within large quantities or networks of data, we can glean insights in many areas. These include uncovering unconscious consumer buying patterns at a particular store or through an app (known as market basket transactions)…

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It all started when I was practicing technical interview questions. My first term as a masters data science student was over, and with sweet relief I went on a brief (but respectable) Netflix bender before switching into diving into technical interview prep. I was feeling confident. Cocky, even. …

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Let’s just get these facts out of the way: it’s a weird time to be alive right now. For job seekers especially, it may be hard to focus on seemingly trivial things like drilling 10 more technical interview questions, earning another online certification or building your data science portfolio, as…

Amanda West

Data Scientist & M.S. from UVA. Putting the elation in relational database management. I draw pretty graphs. 🌈

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