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  • Ashleigh Bonner

    Ashleigh Bonner

    Professional editor | Author and video game developer | Writes about self-improvement. www.ashleighbonner.com/editor

  • Bill Wohlers

    Bill Wohlers

    Software engineer, app developer, entrepreneur, and computer science student

  • Mohd Hafiz

    Mohd Hafiz

    iOS Developer focusing on Swift — “Read, learn & do it!”.

  • Jerry Ng

    Jerry Ng

    Software engineer, writer, FI/RE advocate. I talk about software engineering, finance, and investing. Find me at jerrynsh.com

  • Diederik Mathijs

    Diederik Mathijs

    Senior .NET/React developer writing about technical topics surrounding Javascript.

  • The woman

    The woman

    Programming | AI | Data Science | Blockchain

  • Agustinus Theodorus

    Agustinus Theodorus

    Loves to share his thoughts and opinions on the internet.

  • Coder Society

    Coder Society

    An exclusive network of cutting edge developers, designers and product engineers. https://codersociety.com/

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